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Love by TheBlackAngel07 Love by TheBlackAngel07
Fanart for this creepypasta [link] Featuring May the Albino pikachu, and the unamed----I'm not sure WHAT you call the color scheme of the bottom one. but yes, Creepypasta fanart~ I love creepypasta ^-^ I liked this one especially too :3 I've read creepypastas where one pokemon is loved and all, but for some reason this one especially stuck out to me. Maybe it's because of the rather sad instead of creepy ending, but I think this is my new favorite Creepypasta.

If you can't read the glittery words, the top says, "You tried to get rid of me." a line that May says to Nathan when he tries to release her after she kills his other pokemon to be close to him. The bottom one says, "Am I not special enough for you?" a line I bet the black Pikachu thought when Nathan paid no attention to it when searching for May at the end. Btw, ~DarkPiplup1, I hope you don't mind that I kind of assumed the black one is a guy. I thought it'd be logical since it's the opposite of May that it'd be male. Also, I used a white colored pencil on May

Well, I hope you guys like this, despite a few obvious mistakes~
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July 12, 2012
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