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Saw :iconnicey1015: do it, and figured I would, too
I need to remember all my OCs


1. Use your OCs! Or friends OCs, if you like! 
2. A lot of these may not apply to your OCs, but that's the point; to imagine your OCs in scenarios they aren't usually in
3.You have to pick an OC for each question. You can reuse OCs.
4.You don't have to tag people if you don't want to.
5. This meme is silly. Incredibly silly. So have fun with it!

1.Which one of your OCs would watch meme videos constantly? What would be their favorite meme?
Probably Pen, and I'm guessing his favorite would be the stupid cat song.

2.Which one of your OCs would force their friends to watch Bee Movie?
Probably Melovic.

3.Which one of your OCs would be that one Five Nights At Freddy's fan at school?
Either Wrath or Yikara

4.Which one of your OCs would listen to nightcore? Which of your OCs would listen to vaporwave?
Not sure what Vaporwave is, but I'll say either Wrath or Mendem

5.Which one of your OCs would start singing Uptown Funk at inappropriate times?
Melovic would until he heard the lyrics. Lust would once he heard the lyrics

6.Which of your OCs would ironically like Take Me To Church? Which one would unironically like it?
Ironically, I'm not sure. Unironically, probably Melovic (he likes to sing) or Lust, even though he can't sing for shit. I can also see Thanatos singing it

7.Which one of of your OCs would unironically say "i can't even"? Which one would unironically say "yolo"?
Thanatos would say "I can't-". As for Yolo, hmm I don't think any of them would.

8.Which one of your OCs feels tfw no gf the most?

9.Which one of your OCs would listen to dubstep loudly without headphones in public places?
Mendem, no questions asked.

10.Which one of your OCs would go around correcting people online?
Thanatos. And he would prove everyone wrong.

11.Which one of your OCs would be a vehement shipper would who fight someone over their OTP?
Mad Writer.

12.Which one of your OCs would cry over fictional characters? Which of your OCs would cry over their own OCs?
Death (the god) would "cry" over fictional characters, and I don't think any of my characters have their own characters

13.Which one of your OCs would read YA novels featuring cliche love triangles unironically?

14.Which one of your OCs would joke about vore constantly? Which of your OCs would actually be into vore? 
Yikara jokes about it because his sense of humor is dark. Lust would be into it (he's into EVERYTHING), perhaps Abaroth (I've not drawn him yet)

15.Which one of your OCs would eat soap just to see what it tasted like? 
Melovic. And he would spit it out.

16.Which one of your OCs would cry upon seeing a rainbow?
Depending on his mood, Melovic

17.Which one of your OCs would sing obnoxiously along to their favorite songs? Which one would stop when asked to? Which one would not?
Melovic and Mendem (I can see them singing [link]together) Melovic would be the one to stop if asked

18.Which one of your OCs would stay up until 3am on twitter?
I can see either Melovic or Fellocin doing so

19.Which one of your OCs would write callout posts constantly?
Probably Thanatos

20.Which one of your OCs would be a furry but ashamed of it? Which would be an unashamed furry?
Mad Writer; Death (the god) would be unashamed to be one

21. Which one of your OCs would take really nasty commissions on dA for money?
Lust because he's into that shit (I mean, his name should tell enough)

22. Which one of your OCs would have a closed species that they would be incredibly protective of?
Thanatos or Irides (Irides is in The Household by TheBlackAngel07 )

23. Which one of your OCs would be the biggest Taylor Swift fan? What would their favorite song be?
Only one that could POSSIBLY be a fan of her would be Mendem because he loves music

24. Which one of your OCs would wake their room mate up in the middle of the night to kill a spider for them?
Probably Irides if he couldn't charm it, and he'd get Reilim to do so (also can be seen inThe Household by TheBlackAngel07)

25. Which one of your OCs would order pizza at 2am?
Either Melovic or Fellocin

26. Which one of your OCs would listen to the same song on repeat for literal weeks? 
ME Mad Writer, perhaps Omerin

27. Which one of your OCs would write heartbreaking things just to upset their friends? 
Abaroth, though he doesn't have "friends". Pen would as well

28. Which of one of your OCs would be the "I only listen to REAL music" type?
Thanatos, probably, though the other angels might also be on board (music is important to their culture)

29. Which one of your OCs would spend massive amounts of time playing Skyrim?
Abaroth (and then he'd break the console). Also Melovic

30. Which one of your OCs would have an amateur animated serious about sparklewolves on youtube?

31. Which one of your OCs would constantly quote Spongebob?
Also Melovic

32. Which one of your OCs would use the most emojis when texting?

33. Which one of your OCs would us the XD emoticon the most?

34. Which one of your OCs would be an aesthetic blogger?
Melovic and Omerin

35. Which one of your OCs would take pictures with their phone constantly? Which of your OCs would not own a phone?
Melovic and Death (the god) would probably be the only ones to have phones

36. Which one of your OCs would kick anyone's ass? Which one would kick your ass? Which one would kick your dogs ass? Which one would kick their own ass? 
Thanatos and Wrath could kick the living out of anyone, but Death (the god) could beat them. I can safely say that most of my characters would kill me if given the chance, and that Wrath, Abaroth, and Sether (not drawn yet) would kill my pets just to add insult to injury. Yikara could kick his own ass, but he'd do it as a joke

37. Which one of your OCs would make up sad headcanons about their favorite characters all the time?
I can't see any of them doing that

38. Which one of your OCs would say "let me tell you about Homestuck"?
None of them

39. Which one of your OCs would always pick the evil path in video games? Which would feel guilty every time they did something bad in a video game?
A lot of my characters are villains, happy to be so, and would pick the evil paths. Melovic and Fellocin would be the ones to feel guilty about doing bad things in video games (although Melovic would get very competitive in multiplayer games don't let him play League of Legends)

40. Which one of your OCs would obsessively buy all the merchandise from their favorite franchise(s)?
Melovic. And then all his money would vanish

41. Which one of your OCs would read the most webcomics?
No one

42. Which one of your OCs would say "are you a kitty?" to their pet cat?
Mad Writer, Pen, Melovic, Irides

43. Which one of your OCs would write completely serious crossover fanfiction?
Mad Writer

44. Which one of your OCs would get embarrassingly serious crushes on fictional characters?
Melovic coughMalzaharcough

45. Which one of your OCs would just lay down on the ground and cry sometimes?
Melovic, possibly Omerin

46. Which one of your OCs would be into Superwholock?
I can't see any of them

47. Which one of your OCs would tweet the lyrics to angsty songs whenever they were upset?
Nightdreams (still need to draw his human version)

48. Which one of your OCs would cry at any sad breakup song?
Irides and Reilim, probably

49. Which one of your OCs would make terrible puns all the time? 
OH GOD, PEN. DON'T GET HIM STARTED. "But they're so punny!"

50. Which one of your OCs would fill out journal memes on dA constantly?
Melovic the cute little nerd

Tag some people, if you want.

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The characters shown above are Igneious, my Demon Hunter in Diablo 3, and his raven, Kevin the Crow.

One thing I ask: What is the fun in being normal? I like being me~…


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